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SVMD-SSO dental surgeon and high dental technology in modernity and comfort

Dental treatment for adults

Conservative treatment, cosmetic dentistry, prosthetics, implant restoration, treatment for myoarthropathy....

Dental care and treatment for children

Orthodontics and paedodontics according to cutting-edge paediatric dentistry

Dental hygiene

Calculus removal, advice and treatment for perfect oral hygiene

Adult treatment

Upmarket dental treatment

Dental treatment - Freesia Alba - Dental practice LausanneThe Freesia Alba dental practice provides full care for general dental treatment. All employees have extensive technical knowledge, work carefully and ensure compliance with the treatment plans that have been agreed upon.

The best dental technicians in Lausanne travel to the practice to see patients.




Conservative treatment

  • Treatment of cavities then dental reconstitution with a white filling with a conservative approach and respect for dental structures
  • Root treatment


  • Fixed (ceramic crowns, aesthetic veneers) and removable dentures (partial or complete)
  • Fixed or removable restoration of implants

Teeth whitening

  • Teeth whitening in the dentist's chair or at home using trays (moulds) that tailor made at the practice

Cosmetic dentistry

  • Hygiene advice
  • Curettage
  • Calculus removal
  • Dental hygiene treatment

Periodontal treatment

  • Explanations of the aetiology of periodontal disease
  • Detection of periodontal pockets, microbiological analysis enabling targeted treatment in addition to mechanical treatment
  • Reassessment of therapeutic success with regular checks

Myoarthropathy treatment

  • Myoarthropathy is a functional disorder of the masticatory system causing muscle pain with or without joint pain (due to clenching or grinding of the teeth in stress situations, for example). The work is done in the practice or if necessary by external collaboration with an interdisciplinary team including a maxillofacial surgeon and a physiotherapist.


  • Treated by the dental practice, which works in close collaboration with competent dental technicians in the subject and your ENT doctor


Treatment of elderly patients

In our daily practice, we are faced with an ageing population taking more and more medicines and having undergone various medical operations.

As a consequence, the differential diagnostics and therapeutic benefit for these elderly patients are complicated and it is only by working closely with attending physicians, oncologists, cardiologists, orthopaedic surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons, amongst others, that we will be able to accomplish the treatment to which the patient may be entitled, while preserving their health.

Our practice is committed to this interdisciplinary approach and we take the general health of our patients seriously.



Spoken languages


Means of payment

Payment by credit card (Post, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Maestro), cash, or billing, sending BVR.

For costs, the SSO tariff is applied. The dentist explains you the differents options.

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