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Dental treatment for adults

Conservative treatment, cosmetic dentistry, prosthetics, implant restoration, treatment for myoarthropathy....

Dental care and treatment for children

Orthodontics and paedodontics according to cutting-edge paediatric dentistry

Dental hygiene

Calculus removal, advice and treatment for perfect oral hygiene

Care and treatment of childrens teeth

Paediatric Dentistry (paedodontics)

Paediatric dentistry - Freesia Alba - LausanneThe Freesia Alba Dental office is equipped to provide the highest quality paediatric dental treatment. Dr. Marilyn TARTAIX treats children through an adapted psychological and verbal approach and has a vision of paediatric dentistry which can be summed up as:

Tell - Show - Do.


Dental treatment for children:

  • Dental checks
  • Conservative treatment for children and adolescents: dental treatment with (white) filling or (white) compomers for kids
  • Preventive dental treatment with fissure sealants for children
  • Dental prophylaxis, motivation, fluorisation, calculus removal
  • X-rays

Paediatric dentistry - Freesia Alba - Lausanne

Instructions regarding prophylaxis and preventive dental care are given to parents and children to improve the child's current oral condition and a better awareness of oral hygiene.

Tips for the ten o'clock snack and healthy snacks generally




Paediatric dental surgery - Freesia Alba - Lausanne

Orthodontic management is carried out from a very young age if dental malocclusions are diagnosed. Oral parafunction is also detected.




Paediatric dental treatment - Freesia Alba - LausanneAdvice is given on how to separate them gently from a pacifier / soother and solutions aresuggested for stopping them sucking their thumb.



Dental mishaps

In the event of dental mishaps, please contact the practice as quickly as possible to introduce yourself so that a damage claim can be set up, a post-traumatic reference X-ray can be taken and every effort can be made to save the tooth.

Important: If the tooth has been knocked out or if a piece of tooth has broken off, come immediately (within 6 hours) to the practice with a view to having the tooth put back in its socket or the broken piece of tooth bonded back on.

Do not hold the tooth by the root nor clean it, and please keep the tooth in milk, saliva or saline. Check that the child has had his or her tetanus vaccine.

Paediatric dental treatment - Freesia Alba - Lausanne

Spoken languages


Means of payment

Payment by credit card (Post, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Maestro), cash, or billing, sending BVR.

For costs, the SSO tariff is applied. The dentist explains you the differents options.

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