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Orthodontic treatment in Lausanne

Orthodontic treatment - Freesia Alba - LausanneOrthodontics includes the diagnosis, prevention and correction of malocclusion and facial disharmony for a:

  • functional purpose (chewing, speech, infant swallowing, working with a speech therapist in Lausanne).
  • cosmetic purpose (better brushing so better hygiene, personal and social pleasure and self-confidence).


The Freesia Alba dental practice applies interceptive orthodontics: numerous malocclusions can be treated more easily if detected early, by the participation of the child, and without having to wait until the difficult period of adolescence.

Orthodontic management is carried out if dental malocclusions are diagnosed. Oral parafunction is also detected.

The Freesia Alba orthodontics practice offers:

- Dentofacial orthopaedic treatment for teenagers and adults

- Advanced cosmetic technologies with (white) ceramic braces

Orthodontic treatment - Freesia Alba - Lausanne- The latest alternative and innovative technologies that enable treatments to be carried out discreetly with a maximum of comfort. These treatments work by gradually and gently rectifying and straightening your teeth until the final position is reached.





Many health insurance plans now reimburse orthodontic treatments. You should check with your insurer the percentage reimbursed, the maximum amount reimbursed per treatment per year, and up to what age the insurance is valid.



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Payment by credit card (Post, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Maestro), cash, or billing, sending BVR.

For costs, the SSO tariff is applied. The dentist explains you the differents options.

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